Reap what you Sow. In times of unrest, are you prepared?

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Reap what you Sow. In times of unrest, are you prepared? 
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I felt compelled to be a bit more personal on this platform than usual. With everything negative going on across the world globally right now, revelations   being revealed, valuable and invaluable information bombarding us on a sped up changing pace, it’s heightened that we could easily fall to a feeling of lostness. 

Although in certain cultures there’s a myth that some of us are strong, we’re capable of doing it all despite many blind scenarios purposely set up for us to fail and be alone... with ultimate lack of generational longevity, I say No we still need within our families A provide, A provision, A profess, A protection all in cased within family love. 

With my family I want to continue to protect them through these times of unknown, unjust, and the continued questioning of what’s to come next. I’m always mindful... How can I intake all this information, yet still have that internal logical discernment to weed through, and make the right decisions so we can survive.

All praises blessed be, through these troubles that I am still working, and able to take care of my family and shelter. Watching what’s going on in this world, and having the overstanding to act beneficially supporting our longevity. Setting aside superficial actions, I don’t think things will go back to normal. For sometime, we’ve been using certain technologies as an option, but now they’ve become a necessity.

Prepare your home! What if grocery stores shut down tomorrow, and for months at a time? There were immediate Limits on quantity of products and goods, for examples essential beverages, and household items. More importantly, it seemed that anything essential to health was limited. I’m not greedy but if I normally purchase two of a product, I may need to purchase one more!
Especially Elderberry was out of stock!

What if we no longer have access to farms, no access to import/export to revolve sustainable economics? Bankruptcy is already happening with non-essential stores (You better learn how to make that latte frapp at home, people going into debt just to appeal fashionably in acceptance from others isn’t going to keep you fed, worshipping false idols isn’t going to satisfy you if you can’t stand being in isolation with yourself or bunkered in with family)

Ask real questions?
1) As a family, are you discussing the current and arising situations, making changes to adapt so you all remain healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically? 
2) Have you thought about preparation in your home to remain strong?
3) Does your family have enough food storage in case there’s are delays and food shortages?
4) Are you utilizing technologies that can help you and your family maneuver safely such as pickup and delivery services?

I’ll share with you some actions I‘ve been taking and also began planning for longevity. If you invest in a naturalist of one’s self, you can never lose what you sow. When you put the work in right now, overtime efforts will show beneficial. It’s time to move differently.

Grocery Shopping

Stock up! Build your pantry stock now. Purchase products you need now and even items that you have not ran out out, but will need later. Build a backlog of product storage now! I no longer frequent stores, and so I utilize the store pickup and delivery features, such as Pick N Save, and Walmart. In the beginning the employees made errors with missing products, being charged for products not received, and another issue with Pick N Save refund cannot be done through the app or over the phone. Walmart app refunds can be done, and the money is received within a few days. 
In all, I still consistently use the pickup features. During the pickup time slot, products are received and placed in trunk with no contact servicing. 

I haven’t tried grocery subscriptions, and would consider trying Amazon fresh as an alternative method especially knowing that they’ve partnered with Whole Foods.

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Indoor Garden

Another aspect to think about is the impacted cost of inflation on products. ( Paying $45 for a rump roast is NOT feasible). Seeing an inflation on meats, this impact definitely pushed the decision of changing our dietary needs. Having a sustainable garden is possible with research and planning. Spending $200 on Amazon for the supplies now to invest in learning how to build a system, will show results later whether it’s a month or two months from now. If the grocery stores shut down, My family will have peace of mind because we prepared early on. 

Here are the products I’ve purchased, and will receive by delivery soon. I took the time to research the best options for our house.


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