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HOLIDAY Cookie Facts:

Did you know that the word Cookies is searched for in Google 1,200,000 million times per months 

Wow and of course Peanut Butter Cookies are the best. So amazing. Just LOVE!!!

Last Christmas we built and had fun decorating a Gingerbread house, but this year we are making cookies. So I am searching for a few recipes and I found one on Peppermint Pattie- Stuffed Chocolate Cookie that looks fun.

I LOVE Peppermint Pattie (Oprah Winfrey Voice) Haaaa

First we will need supplies YESSSSSSS!!!! Let's go Shopping! 

1. Cookie Cutters 

I would love to shape the cookies in a Gingerbread Man, Christmas Tree etc.


 2. Cookie Cookbook 

This is a great idea as a Christmas idea for Teens 

3. Hand Mixer 

Surprise, Surprise! Here is an item listed in Home & Kitchen as one of Oprahs Favorite Things . She has so many wonderful gift ideas

4. Holiday Sprinkles

Can't have Christmas Cookies without the decorations


Whats your favorite Cookie? Leave a Comment

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Happy Holidays to you, Happy New Year, and Happy Shopping.

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