Men of #Meggings

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How do you rock your Meggings?

Men are amazing! Men are strong! Men are brave!. Men are intelligent! We all have our Men O Vations, my Pinterest definitely displays that. Men in suits, men in t-shirts, men in leggings….also know as Meggings.

****NEW**** featured DIAMOND design for Meggings


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I will share with you an @Instagram profile that I have followed who rock fashionable #meggings.

@kapowmeggings is a clothing brand, specialize in street swag leggings. Not only is their insta filled with so much eye candy, but you see visuals of adventure, fitness, hanging-out, model, yoga, art, leisure, and of course relaxation.

There is so much expression, idealism, and sexy on their insta. I’ve added a link to their Instagram below

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Here are some suggested purchases below that I think are sooo slick. I just screamed when I saw these, What fun!!!! They can be for festivals, discos, dance, costume, or whatever you decide. Just enjoy!!!!

Animal Print Meggings 


Holographic Meggings  


Animal Print Meggings


Holographic Meggings 

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