Do you Leave your #Dog Home Alone while on Vacation?

Do you Leave your Dog Home Alone?

You love your #Dog, your dog loves you!

But as humans we need to be away from home, and sometimes for a long period of time for example on Vacation. Will my dog miss me ,YES! I do believe that dogs have a concept of time. I do believe that as you prepare to leave, they also recognize your actions and then they react by whimpering and begging for you to take them with you. My dog will actually walk to the door, and attempt to jump in the car all on his own. Whether or not he rides with me depends on the destination of activity. Upon returning home, his behavior is of mixed emotions based off of how long of a period it is. 

Tips for leaving a Dog Home Alone. 

  • Buddy

If possible, work out an arrangement with another dog owner who wouldn't mind their own dog having the company. That way, the dog is not alone at home, and also there is the positive distraction of a friend to play with...or just sniff!!!!! As this process continues, then the dog will begin to understand what is going on, and show acceptance.

  • Conversate

This may sound silly! Actually, letting the dog know that you have to leave, but will return does help to soothe your emotions of possible guilt and him/her as well. Hugging or petting him/her provides comfort and builds trust that you care about their feelings. Do dogs have feelings ,YES they do! Although my dog is older, he still at time displays behaviors of a puppy. 

  • Food/Water Preparation

Always provide more than what the normal portion size for them just in case your return to home is extended. What helps is to have automated products that funnels out more food/water as the dog uses it. Dried food is best to use instead of wet because you don't want to provide food that will spoil easily.


  • Comforts

Make sure that the bed they use also has a blanket and is located in an area that provides warmth. My Poodle enjoys sleeping on his back, so he needs a bed that will support that position. If you live in colder climates, the weather fluctuates drastically and you really don't want them to be uncomfortable.



  • Potty

If able, training your dog to use an indoor potty system proves to work well if you know you will be away for extended times. We all want to come home to a clean house, but of course accidents happened. My advice is to train them to use this indoor potty system specifically in between the potty crate stage and the outside potty stage. This posed to be a problem for my dog, he is an Adult, and was reluctant to use the indoor potty system because he is at the outdoor potty stage. My mothers dog in between these two stages, so she took to the training very well. 

  • Acknowledgment

Upon returning home, provide a lot of encouragement so they are aware that their positive behavior was noticed. When you have to leave again, they will remember and understand what is the expected behavior. Cycle the emotions.


Woof! Woof! This is Wolf, Toy Poodle
 Woof! Woof! This is Bella, Bichon-Poo


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