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Dog Toys Tumbler #Instagram Brand Ambassador for Bling Bling Puppies

A pet company named Bling Bling Puppies reached out to me, inquiring if I'd be interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador. I was excited to be part of their offer because on their website there were products of interest for my Toy Poodle, Wolf.

I found the following product a Dog Toy Tumbler.

Step 1 - Introduce the product to your Dog.

Step 2 - Move the dispenser slider is in the closed position

Step 3 - Fill the dispenser with an ample amount of dry food treats

Step 4 - Place the tumbler on the floor, wobbling occurs

Step 5 - Move the dispenser slider to the desired open position

Step 6 - Spin it gently towards the Dog, to prompt treat release

Step 7 - Entice the Dog to a paw action on the tumbler

Step 8 - WATCH the fun happen!! Woof! Woof! 


Hi Wolf here! My new tumbler toys gives me treats when I play with it Woof 🐶🐶


WATCH my video on Instagram @smavolve

  • Get yours Instagram @blingblingpuppies
  • Use my discount code below 🐶🐶🐶🐶
  • smawwpups for 25% off at checkout

Pros: My Dog enjoys the product. It is very sturdy and works as expected

Con: Received a month after order was purchased

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