My name is Wolf and I am a #Toy #Poodle, in which our breed is ranked as one of the most intelligent of Dogs.


I enjoy long walks, teddy bear style grooming, gifts and treats, treats, treats. Did I say Wooofff, treats!


Did you know that the Poodle is bred into three different sizes and in a variance of exuberant colors?

The three different sizes are:

🐶 The Toy, Hey, that’s me I am the smallest size. Woofff!

🐶 The Miniature, the middle size.

🐶 The Standard, the largest size.

We are bred in colors like:

🐶 Apricot/ Red, Hey, that’s me. Wooof Woofff! Black, Silver, Brown, Blue, and more. 

My mama likes to feed me Blue Buffalo brand of Dog food for Halloween I got Blue Buffalo Boo bars, so yummy 🐶I play and share with my treats with my PupPal Bella. She is a BichonPoo and she loves treats too Woofff! We especiallly love Peanut Butter Flavor biscuits Woooooooffff!

When I take walks, I like to be warm and safe. I wear my sweater and coat. I make sure I am wearing a leash, collar with name tag, and a ball. 




I have to go, it’s potty time Woooofff Wooofff!





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