Are you Being your Best Self?

Are you Being your Best Self?

Who listens to the Breakfast Club? This morning during an interview with special guest Mike Bayer, he worked with them on an exercise assessment for 7 SPHERES of your best life. You need to rate your life 1-10 



I’ve Blogged in one of my posts about how 2018 was extremely tough and stressful for me, and unfortunately to point where my hair was falling out. I want 2019 to truly be better!!!!

I did an exercise assessment on myself below: 

1. S - Social  - 6

Ideal Networking Business/Friendships

I’ve learned that although you are helpful to others, it can be taken advantage of or let’s just be 100 - USED. They don’t bring that same energy for you as you have for them. 2019, I’m making moves where I have control with placement of the (Environment of people) around me other then letting the (People of the environment) control me. Those are two separate situations on a deeper level. It’s a 5 because I had to first see the problem was not with me. Watch what other people stand for, because they can truly tear your own house (what you’ve built) down. I want more positive relationships.


2. P - Personal - 5

Self-Care Mental Health Self-esteem

I will make sure to take the time out to take care of myself. I’ve been stressed to the point where my hair was falling out, when I look at old pictures compared to in the mirror I would see discount features had changed that wasn’t a reflection of just age. When you don’t like what’s staring back at you in the mirror, its coming from a deeper non-superficial level. I just wasn’t there, and I want the old me back.


3. H - Health - 7

Body Internal/ External

This supports #2 Personal, but definitely working out more, getting back to Yoga and Meditation. Staying away from certain foods/beverages that may affects my moods. All this will help to align my body goals for being renewed. 


4. E - Education - 8

Evolving How?

This is rated higher because this is my moment to look at refocusing my lifestyle and how i want to shape it to form into hitting multiple areas of my like. 

Business perspective is always constantly acquiring knowledge and them implementing those techniques is a long term goal for myself and family. is (my family name + evolve) so I am happy working on this project. Staying consistent with content for my website , social media platforms, blogs, and aspiring partnerships. 


5. R - Relationships - 9


Taking care of my Family has always been my heart. Being headstrong in my decisions allows this Financially, Emotionally, and Physically. Making sure that all our lives are on the right path positive environments, and with any negative struggles we work on those together. Prioritizing but not letting other commitment factors control my judgement.


6. E - Employment  - 6 

Career perspective I have a few things in the works but again this relates to #1 & 4. Acquiring new skill sets that meet the ideal changing market I’m seeing now, but then making sure I am happy within those environments. When I am in a position, it also gives me the freedom door, multiple doors to use those skill sets from another angle.


7. S - Spiritual - 10

For me I will switch the placement from Social as #1 to now being #7 , and then have Spiritual as #1. i feel this is what shapes my path and I want to stay focused with every step I take  Prayer is mandatory, but then also incorporating Fasting whether just water, or fruit cleansing. Becoming surely forceful with the words I speak for Thanks, Asking, and Protection for myself and Family.

Would you try this exercise assessment on yourself? 

Leave a comment about your results. Thank You

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In conclusion its a wonderful strategy because I have more insight on what I need to work on. You constantly think about these things but then to have them written down is much more impactful, especially contributing a refocus where its needed. What you use to do may no longer be what you want going forward. Make that change!!!!


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