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 #Wigs in the #Winter

While we love the Winter, my hair has a rough time coping in these harsh cold conditions. I enjoy the warmth of coats, hats, scarfs, and boots. What I don't enjoy is my hair snagging on the teeth of the coat zippers. The intense snapping as I remove the hat from my head. I looked gorgeous but my hair suffered.

In the winter time, wigs really can serve numerous purposes for the hair, for example providing protection from the harsh weather conditions and providing a break from daily use of tools 

Here are a few steps on how I maintain my hair in the Winter time

1. The very first most important step is to make sure the hair is Deep Condtioned. Follow the normal process of Shampooing, Conditioning, Deep Conditioning, Dryer treatment, Leave in treatment, and then lastly Seal with essential oils

2. Cornrow the Hair by first parting the hair in equal parts along the scalp. Begin cornrowing each section evenly until all hair is successfully platted

3. Place a Wig Cap onto of the platted cornrows to provide an extra layer of protection to the treated hair.

4. Place the Wig of choice on your head, and then style it to your liking



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