Blue Microphones Yeti Ultimate USB Microphone - How to USE on the Apple MAC

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How to Setup & Use the Blue Yeti USB Microphone on the #Apple #Mac

I first became interested in using a microphone because my family uses the Elgato Game Capture device to record the play entertainment. We love the visual output but the audio output always sounded airy. 

I decided to research microphones, but needed a product that would work with the Apple Mac.

Blue Microphones Yeti Ultimate USB Microphone - How to USE on the MAC

For one, I didn't want to purchase a product that required additional purchases. Walking into the Apple store is NOT the answer! Don't do it! What you have is wonderful!!!!

For two, I don't mind setting up new products but yes it also has to be a simplistic process so that we don't have a lapse in game time and youtube time.

Where do I look first, of course Best Buy, because its close and 99% of the time I dread receiving technology products via delivery. I had a bad experience with a TV delivery and to this day no way!

So although I compared Best Buy and Amazon, Amazon had the better price for the package contents offering, but Best Buy was my final choice because I'd have it in HAND that same day.

Inside contents:

1 - Blue Yetti Microphone 

6 month subscription to Xsplit Premium

6 month subscription to OvrStream

Unfortunately, I do not have a PC, I'm a Mac lady. Researched and found that there is other software that is needed as an in between setup if you want to still decide to use the software on the Mac. Yes, there is a cost for that! 

We still use the Blue Yetti for Nintendo Gaming, ASMR videos and I just setup a Twitch account ......... More research to come 

How to Setup & Use the Blue Yetti

1. Read the Instructions....DUHHHH!!!!

2. Decide which pattern setting and sound source the microphone needs to be set at for exceptional sound. Determine your intent for example I prefer

Cardioid setting when the audio is directed in front of the microphone

Omnidirectional setting when the audio is directed from different directions but within a small area around the microphone

3. The best advice is to test all pattern settings, and volumes to find which best suits your needs.

4. Plug in the usb cable from device to Mac

5. Click Apple icon>system preferences>apps>sounds>Input tab>select Yetti

6. Again Test Test Test and Have Fun. 

Youtube video coming soon....

Blue Yetti Microphone


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