ROKU Streaming Stick+ Headphone Edition

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ROKU Streaming Stick+ Headphone Edition

For many years our household didn’t spend a lot of time watching tv, but now that we are on quarantine we became more interested in expanding our entertainment experiences. When we’d finally settle to watch tv which were equipped with only HD antennas, we’d stream Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube using Google ChromeCast. 

Fine time to think about having cable tv in the household as it seemed reasonable to consolidate the internet, cable tv, phone landline, and mobile services. 

Why Roku? While you would still need the cable receiver box for the 1st tv, the cable tv provider recommended using the Roku Streaming Stick on each additional tv in the house instead of renting additional cable receiver boxes from them. I purchased (2) Roku Streaming Stick+ Headphone Edition.

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The cable provider explained that after installing the cable tv service, setup the Roku Streaming Stick and access their app using the wireless signal of the router. When accessing their app using the WiFi credentials, you are able to stream the subscription service on the cable tv account. Amazing platform YES, because not only are you able to stream the cable tv subscription, but the you are adorned with the bonus of accessing additional steaming services. Netflix, Hulu, Starz are required paid subscriptions, but there are many other free streaming apps such as the Roku Channel itself, Tubi, live news shows, and free on demand shows. 
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Pros. Consolidation of home services and savings on long term value of router and streaming media equipment. Ease of setup and abundant entertainment options.

Cons. While the remote doesn’t have a number keypad such as a normal remote but with this model there is a voice feature that’s very helpful.

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