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Hi!  I’m Wennona Wells.  I am the owner of SmaVolve est. in 2017 and was built out of determination. With 2019, I look forward to achieving results and success.

This is my Journey to Entrepreneurship and I wanted to share my Business experience from the beginning with you because as you read this deep down you may want to change your life like I have changed mines. So with that being said, Let’s Evolve! 

SmaVolve™ wants you to be a part of our Evolution.
  • P. O. BOX 240624
  • MILWAUKEE WI. 53224
  • (414)688-9432

Let me ask you, What do you Love? What inspires and motivates your success in life? Can you share something meaningful that invokes humility in others? SmaVolve™ wants you to be a part of our Evolution which was built from Family, Interests, and Love.

Thank you so so so much!!!! I am excited for this opportunity to share what I love in life. 

 Enjoy Hiking? As a parent, I enjoyed chaperoning with students and we had an amazing trip tour to the Grand Canyon and OH! my heart fell in love with the beautiful scenery I encountered. I captured an enormous amount of video, photos, and memories of our travels. As I reviewed all the acquired footage, it just overwhelmed me with appreciation for sights not seen before. I decided to create a series and share on YouTube for myself, family, parents, teachers and students naming it the "Traveling Chaperone Series™". Please watch this series to see what we experienced! Click the YouTube link on the Home page to view all Travisodes™


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